Hockey: Parlayan Bıçak 

Hockey : Blades of Lightning

Blades of Lightning 60 dk.

It’s the fastest team sport in the world. And one of the toughest. More than any other sport it requires a combination of skill, strength, speed, and agility. It’s where brute force meets ballet, where grace meets guts. And it’s played on a professional level by more countries around the world than any sport outside of soccer. It’s ice hockey. And many consider it the greatest game ever invented.

Countries all over the world are playing hockey, and its popularity is growing day by day. The US, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, even Japan, all have pro hockey leagues. And with almost 40% of all players in the NHL currently from somewhere other than North America, professional hockey represents not only the fastest, most exciting team game in the world, but the most international as well.

From the players to the coaches to the owners, the journalists, the academics, and the fans, we cover all aspects of the great game of hockey in this amazing, action packed, and fascinating program. It’s an absolute must for anyone anywhere who is passionate not just about hockey, but about sports.

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