Dillenger Suikasti (2006)

The Dillinger Conspiracy



In the gangster era of the Great Depression, names like Capone, Baby Face Nelson and Bonnie & Clyde dominated the headlines with their tommy-guns and waves of crime.

Yet no one captured the public imagination like John Dillinger. In a world where money was scarce and banks collapsed, bank robbers became heroes. And John Dillinger was Robin Hood. Athletic, flamboyant and charismatic, Dillinger befriended the people he robbed and made sure that seeing a Dillinger robbery was something you'd never forget. For 13 months, he and his gang swept through the Midwest in an unparalleled crime spree. Bank robberies, wild chases, daring prison breaks and fierce machine gun battles - the whole of America was both terrified and fascinated by Dillinger's exploits.

But what if the FBI, the local police and the adoring public were all wrong? What if Dillinger didn't die? Why did the corpse bear little resemblance to pictures of the infamous gangster? As our investigation unfolds, another question comes to light... was John Dillinger assassinated?

Did a squad of undercover police and FBI come to the theatre to execute America's most wanted outlaw? Cutting-edge forensic science and good old-fashioned detective work combine to reach startling new conclusions in one of the most famous chapters of the Great Depression.




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